Where on this scale would you place your identity? (Moreno question)

Field work dates: 9 January 2012 - 7 April 2021
Data from: Scotland
Results from: 14 polls

Results for: Where on this scale would you place your identity? (Moreno question)
Fieldwork end date
7 April 2021
Poll by ComRes
10 March 2021
Poll by ComRes
22 February 2021
Poll by ComRes
9 February 2021
Poll by ComRes
22 January 2021
Poll by Panelbase
13 January 2021
Poll by ComRes
15 December 2020
Poll by ComRes
5 June 2018
Poll by YouGov
31 August 2016
Poll by YouGov
28 April 2014
Poll by YouGov
24 March 2014
Poll by YouGov
9 December 2013
Poll by YouGov
29 January 2012
Poll by Ipsos Mori
11 January 2012
Poll by YouGov
Scottish not British30%34%38%33%34%30%33%24%28%24%27%27%23%23%
More Scottish than British23%20%25%21%23%24%20%34%28%26%24%27%31%28%
Equally Scottish and British26%23%24%27%24%23%26%23%29%31%29%27%31%28%
More British than Scottish6%6%5%5%6%7%6%9%4%5%5%4%5%6%
British not Scottish10%11%7%10%6%9%10%5%6%9%10%10%8%8%
Other description4%5%1%4%6%6%5%4%4%5%4%4%2%6%

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