Where on this scale would you place your identity? (Moreno question)

Field work dates: 9 January 2012 - 22 January 2021
Data from: Scotland
Results from: 10 polls

Results for: Where on this scale would you place your identity? (Moreno question)
Fieldwork end date
22 January 2021
Poll by Panelbase
13 January 2021
Poll by ComRes
15 December 2020
Poll by ComRes
5 June 2018
Poll by YouGov
31 August 2016
Poll by YouGov
28 April 2014
Poll by YouGov
24 March 2014
Poll by YouGov
9 December 2013
Poll by YouGov
29 January 2012
Poll by Ipsos Mori
11 January 2012
Poll by YouGov
Scottish not British33%30%32%24%28%24%27%27%23%23%
More Scottish than British23%24%20%33%28%25%24%27%31%28%
Equally Scottish and British24%23%25%23%29%30%29%27%31%28%
More British than Scottish6%7%6%9%4%5%5%4%5%6%
British not Scottish6%9%10%5%6%9%10%10%8%8%
Other description6%6%5%4%4%5%4%4%2%6%
Don't know2%1%2%2%1%1%1%2%0%2%

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Which, if any, of the following best describes how you see yourself?

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