Who would make the best First Minister of Scotland? (2009-2011)

Field work dates: 29 January 2009 - 18 April 2011
Data from: Scotland
Results from: 6 polls

Results for: Who would make the best First Minister of Scotland? (2009-2011)
Fieldwork end date
18 April 2011
Poll by Scottish Opinion
15 March 2011
Poll by ICM
26 August 2009
Poll by YouGov
22 April 2009
Poll by YouGov
13 March 2009
Poll by YouGov
30 January 2009
Poll by YouGov
Alex Salmond, SNP leader58%60%37%48%42%42%
Annabel Goldie, Scottish Conservative leader4%14%13%13%13%13%
Iain Gray, Scottish Labour leader13%13%14%9%20%18%
Tavish Scott, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader2%4%7%5%7%6%
Patrick Harvie, Scottish Green leader0%1%1%1%1%2%
None of these23%8%28%23%17%18%

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Which ONE, if any, of the following Scottish Political leaders do you think would make the best First Minister?

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