What are the other important issues facing Scotland today?

Field work dates: 19 November 2009 - 14 June 2012
Data from: Scotland
Results from: 2 polls

Results for: What are the other important issues facing Scotland today?
Fieldwork end date
14 June 2012
Poll by Ipsos Mori
23 November 2009
Poll by Ipsos Mori
National Health Service/Hospitals/ Health care8%10%
Unemployment/factory closure/lack of industry1%10%
Economy/economic situation/'credit crisis'/crunch10%9%
Crime/law & order/violence/ vandalism/ anti-social (yob) behaviour3%5%
Environment/climate change/global warming/pollution2%4%
Scottish Independence/constitution/Devolution0%3%
Transport/public transport0%3%
Immigration/immigrants (race relations)2%3%
Pensions/social security/benefits2%2%
Drug abuse1%2%
Ageing population1%2%
Local government/council tax1%1%
Public services in general1%1%
Terrorism/war in Iraq/Afghanistan/foreign affairs/Defence1%1%
Common Market/EU/Europe/EURO1%1%
Lack of facilities/opportunities for young people/young people have nothing to do3%1%
Family breakdown/lack of discipline taught to young people0%1%
Nationalisation/Government control of institutions1%1%
Obesity/ill health0%1%
Fishing industry0%1%
MPs/MSPs expenses/expenses scandal1%0%
Inflation/prices/rising cost of living0%0%
Low pay/minimum wage/fair wages1%0%
Petrol prices/fuel prices0%0%
Countryside/rural life0%0%

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And what do you see as other important issues facing Scotland today?

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