Is ‘Devo Max’ a good or a bad compromise?

Field work dates: 14 January 2022 - 28 June 2022
Data from: Scotland
Results from: 4 polls

Results for: Is ‘Devo Max’ a good or a bad compromise?
Fieldwork end date
28 June 2022
Poll by ComRes
3 May 2022
Poll by ComRes
16 March 2022
Poll by ComRes
18 January 2022
Poll by ComRes
"Devo Max" is a good compromise35%34%35%32%
"Devo Max" is a bad compromise33%36%37%39%
Don't know32%29%27%29%

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Some say that 'Devo Max' is a good compromise, potentially breaking the constitutional impasse between those who are pro-independence and those who are pro-union with an option that can satisfy both. Others say that 'Devo Max' is a bad compromise, ultimately not giving either those who are pro-independence or those who are pro-union what they would prefer. Which of the following statements is closest to your view?

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