How should Wales be governed? (Welsh views)

Field work dates: 24 February 2012 - 22 February 2020
Data from: Wales
Results from: 10 polls

Results for: How should Wales be governed? (Welsh views)
Fieldwork end date
22 February 2020
Poll by ICM
23 February 2019
Poll by ICM
25 February 2018
Poll by ICM
21 February 2017
Poll by ICM
22 February 2016
Poll by ICM
26 February 2015
Poll by ICM
22 September 2014
Poll by ICM
24 February 2014
Poll by ICM
25 February 2013
Poll by ICM
26 February 2012
Poll by ICM
Wales should be independent11%7%7%6%6%6%3%5%9%7%
Welsh Assembly should have more powers43%48%44%44%43%40%49%37%36%36%
Powers Welsh Assembly have should stay the same25%27%28%29%30%33%26%28%28%29%
Welsh Assembly should have fewer powers2%3%4%3%3%4%2%3%2%2%
Welsh Assembly should be abolished14%13%12%13%13%13%12%23%20%22%
Don't know2%3%5%4%4%4%6%5%4%4%

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