Welcome to the What Scotland Thinks website

19th June 2013 Comment Site News

As Scotland decides how it is going to vote in the independence referendum on 18 September next year, the site brings together all the key polling and survey evidence on how the Scottish public thinks their country should be governed. The website features key headline figures from all the recent polls and surveys of Scottish […]

Yes are behind – but how far?

19th June 2013 Comment The Scottish independence referendum

Eight polls have so far been conducted since the Scottish Government accepted in January that the question on the referendum ballot paper should read, ‘Should Scotland be an independent country’, as recommended by the Electoral Commission.  Every single one of those polls, conducted by no less than five different companies, has put the Yes side […]

Jonathan Joyce – A Tribute

19th June 2013 Comment

This website has been designed for us by Storm ID, a digital agency in Edinburgh.  The project leader at Storm was Jonathan Joyce, one of the founders of the company. From the inception of the project Jonathan demonstrated an intuitive feel for what we wanted to achieve and how it might be done.  Clearly fascinated […]