ICM Poll Shows Biggest Swing Yet

26th January 2014 Comment The Scottish independence referendum

One of the most remarkable features of the referendum campaign polls so far has been their stability from one reading to the next.  Almost every company’s poll has reported more or less the same proportion of people saying they will vote Yes (and No) as did  the last poll conducted by that same company. Now, […]

Do we need to take the undecideds seriously?

23rd January 2014 Comment The Scottish independence referendum

In the 2013 Scottish Social Attitudes (SSA) survey respondents were asked how they would vote in the referendum as follows: In the referendum, you will be asked, ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’ If you do vote, will you vote ‘Yes’ or vote ‘No’ – or haven’t you decided yet? Asked in this about how […]

Interactive Scottish Social Attitudes 2013 data now online

22nd January 2014 Comment

If you have been reading the news coverage and blogs on the 2013 Scottish Social Attitudes (SSA) survey you may have further questions about the findings. Like what do the undecided voters think about key issues? Or does the gender gap in support for independence apply to all aspects of the debate? Well to coincide […]

Release of initial findings from the Scottish Social Attitudes survey

21st January 2014 Comment Expectations of constitutional change Perceptions of government & the Union

Tonight (Tuesday) sees the release of initial findings on attitudes towards independence from the latest Scottish Social Attitudes survey, which was conducted between June and October last year. Tomorrow (Wednesday) you will be able to both to mine the data for yourself using our data explorer while there will also be some briefings that report […]

Border Blues?

7th January 2014 Comment The Scottish independence referendum

A new species of referendum poll makes a first appearance tonight – a full sized poll of attitudes in one specific region of Scotland. It comes from ITV Border – to mark the launch of a new regular Scottish politics show for the region  – and covers people living in Dumfries & Galloway and the […]

SNP Slipped in the Polls?

6th January 2014 Comment Elections, parties & leaders

Amongst the plethora of holiday polling, the SNP reported with some satisfaction Panelbase’s finding (based on the Scottish poll it conducted for the party just before Xmas) that the party was eight points ahead of Labour on constituency voting intentions for the Scottish Parliament and nine points on list voting.  As the party itself noted, […]

Holiday Catch Up

6th January 2014 Comment The Scottish independence referendum

Most voters in Scotland doubtless thought that the last fortnight of Christmas and New Year holidays provided a rare opportunity to escape from the routine of every day life. If so, their perspective was not shared by the apparatchiks working in the Yes and the No campaigns. They both regarded the holiday season as an […]

Santa Brings Yes A Little Present?

19th December 2013 Comment The Scottish independence referendum

Santa has come early for the Yes side in the form of a mildly encouraging pre-Christmas poll from TNS BMRB. True, the poll’s findings are not immediately spectacular. They put support for the Yes side at 27% and No at 41%.  That represents just a one point increase in the Yes vote as compared with […]

The Post-White Paper Verdict: A Little Boost for Yes?

11th December 2013 Comment The Scottish independence referendum

The first post-White Paper poll, by Progressive for the Mail on Sunday, suggested the Yes vote had not increased at all in the wake of the publication of the Scottish government’s independence prospectus. The second, by Ipsos MORI for STV, showed the Yes vote was up by three points as compared with that company’s previous […]