Is education policy driving Scotland and England apart?

27th August 2014 Comment Policy issues

There is an assumption in public debate that – regardless of the outcome of the referendum – devolution has already caused Scotland and England to drift apart, and especially in education policy. The best-known of all the policy divergence is on student fees. In university classes now in Scotland there are students paying nothing and […]

Salmond Wins Round Two

26th August 2014 Comment Elections, parties & leaders

An instant poll of 505 people who watched the second and last leaders’ debate between Mr Salmond and Mr Darling last night suggests that, in contrast to the first debate three weeks ago, Mr Salmond was widely regarded as the winner of the joust. However, the poll, conducted by ICM and commissioned by The Guardian, […]

Why bigger isn’t always better

23rd August 2014 Comment The Scottish independence referendum

Political campaigners can often be heard complaining that opinion polls do not reflect what they are hearing ‘on the doorstep’. Arguing that they have spoken to many more people than the 1,000 or so typically interviewed for a poll, they claim the polls must be biased or just plain wrong. In Scotland, the Radical Independence […]

Panelbase Also Show Yes Vote Holding Firm

17th August 2014 Comment The Scottish independence referendum

A third post-leaders’ debate poll of voting intentions in the referendum has appeared this morning. Undertaken by Panelbase for the Yes Scotland campaign, it casts further doubt on the proposition that the debate had an adverse impact on the Yes vote. The poll puts Yes on 42%, up one point on the company’s previous poll […]

Poll of Polls: 15 August

17th August 2014 Comment The Scottish independence referendum

The graph below shows What Scotland Thinks’ latest Poll of Polls and how it has evolved over time. The latest Poll of Polls is based on one poll by Survation, one poll by YouGov,  one by TNS BMRB, one by Ipsos MORI, one by ICM and one by Panelbase,  The polls were conducted between 23 […]

Survation Poll of Women

14th August 2014 Comment Elections, parties & leaders The Scottish independence referendum

Rather than being a regular poll of all voters, this month’s poll by Survation for the Daily Record, published today, has been conducted exclusively amongst women.  So, although it was conducted between 8 and 12 August and is thus only the second poll to have been conducted wholly since last Tuesday’s leaders’ debate, it does […]

Who is still wavering? Turnout and the undecided

12th August 2014 Comment The Scottish independence referendum

We use the Scottish Social Attitudes survey (SSA) 2014 to look here at likely turnout in the referendum, and also at who the undecideds are. The level of turnout looks likely to be high. The survey measured respondents’ likelihood of voting on a 10-point scale, with 10 meaning ‘very likely to vote’. Nearly three quarters […]