How Popular is EVEL?

4th September 2015 Comment Cross border attitudes How England should be governed

Last year’s independence referendum might have settled – for the time being at least – the question of whether Scotland should be an independent country. But it left a legacy of two further debates and controversies. The first, instigated by Gordon Brown’s ‘vow’ in the final days of the referendum campaign, was about how much […]

What Scotland Thinks remastered

18th August 2015 Comment Site News

Over the next few weeks we will be re-aligning the much loved What Scotland Thinks website. Ever popular during the Scottish independence referendum, we’re developing the remit of the site to bring the content up to date and also include matters that concern the rest of the UK. Constitutional change debate Irrespective of anyone’s views […]

The Challenge Facing The New Scottish Labour Leader

12th August 2015 Comment Elections, parties & leaders How Scotland should be governed Policy issues The Scottish independence referendum

Labour’s new Scottish leader is due to be unveiled on Saturday, an announcement that will in effect signal that the holiday season is coming to an end and normal political hostilities will soon begin once more. The announcement will, of course, be made against the backdrop of a divisive UK leadership contest in which the […]

Survation on the Opportunities and Challenges of 2016

14th July 2015 Comment Elections, parties & leaders

Just when it looked as though we might be having a quiet, poll free summer before the next round of electoral politics begins in earnest, the Scottish Daily Mail has opted to run a poll from Survation. It covers how people might vote in the Holyrood election next year and in the EU referendum whenever […]

And So Our Eyes Turn To May 2016

9th June 2015 Comment Elections, parties & leaders

There is little rest in the world of politics.  Today sees the publication of the first poll of voting intentions for next May’s Holyrood election since the UK general election on May 7th.  During the UK election such readings were largely ignored, but now that that ballot is behind us, the battle for power at […]

How Accurate were the General Election Polls in Scotland?

11th May 2015 Comment Elections, parties & leaders

The unanticipated success of the Conservatives in winning a narrow overall majority in the UK general election has raised questions about the performance of the polls, and the British Polling Council (BPC) has announced that an independent inquiry will be conducted into what happened.  On average the GB-wide polls pointed to a dead heat between […]

Final Polls Still Show SNP Well Ahead

7th May 2015 Comment Elections, parties & leaders

The final two polls of voting intentions in Scotland for the general election were released late last night. The first was by Survation for the Daily Record, the second by YouGov for The Times and The Sun. The YouGov poll was in fact a boosted Scottish sub-sample of a much larger Britain-wide poll, but as […]

Poll of Polls: Westminster Vote Intentions: 6 May FINAL

7th May 2015 Comment Elections, parties & leaders

The graph below shows the latest What Scotland Thinks/ScotCen Poll of Polls of voting intentions in Scotland for the 2015 UK general election and how it has evolved over time. The latest and final Poll of Polls is based on two polls by YouGov,  one poll by Panelbase, and one poll by Survation.  Between them the […]

Panelbase Hold SNP Vote Steady

6th May 2015 Comment Elections, parties & leaders

Earlier today Panelbase released the results of their final poll of voting intentions in Scotland for tomorrow’s UK general election. Like the YouGov poll at the weekend, it suggests that very little has changed in the latter stages of the campaign. The poll puts the SNP on 48%, unchanged from the company’s previous poll conducted […]