Scottish or British? Does national identity matter?

29th August 2013 Comment

It may seem an obvious thing to say, but it is broadly true that the more Scottish you feel, the more likely you are to vote ‘yes’ in the referendum. According to the 2012 Scottish Social Attitudes survey, about 6 in 10 of those who say they are ‘Scottish not British’ want the Scottish Parliament […]

Tall Tales: Religion and Scottish Independence

15th August 2013 Comment

Tall tales are common currency when it comes to religion’s supposed role in Scotland’s politics.  On the one hand, there are occasional murmurings of a continued underlying ‘Protestant’ basis for Unionism in Scotland, as if Better Together marched, willingly or otherwise, to the beat of the Lambeg drum. Yet at the same time we are […]

Wings Over Scotland Crowdsource Funded Poll

12th August 2013 Comment The Scottish independence referendum

An interesting new development for polling in Scotland over the weekend. Concerned about the paucity of published polls about the referendum, the pro-independence website, Wings Over Scotland, raised from its own readers the funds needed to commission a poll from Panelbase. To the best of my knowledge this is the first time that a conventional […]

Nationalists for No: The Real Referendum Battleground?

8th August 2013 Comment Elections, parties & leaders The Scottish independence referendum

Rather a lot of political excitement has been caused recently by claims that the Labour for Independence campaign was a front populated by current and/or recent SNP activists rather than a grassroots organization consisting of genuine Labour members – see, for example, these articles by Severin Carrell and Tom Gordon. Apart from casting aspersions on […]

Panelbase July Poll

1st August 2013 Comment The Scottish independence referendum

Just when Scotland’s politicians – and its psephologists – thought it was safe to lie in the sun and forget about the referendum for a while, up popped the Sunday Times last weekend with its Panelbase July poll. So apologies that it has taken us a little while to catch up with what was the first regular public […]