Explore the Scottish Social Attitudes survey

Break down survey figures by other variables for a deeper understanding of what people think about Scotland’s future

Here you can explore more than a decade’s worth of findings from the Scottish Social Attitudes (SSA) survey, run by ScotCen Social Research. Once you have searched for and chosen a question, you will be presented with a graph showing the pattern of responses amongst everyone who has ever answered it.

You can then choose to break down the answers to this question by a demographic variable such as age, sex or education to see how different types of people respond. Or if you prefer, you can break down your question by the responses to any other question in our database.

Briefing Papers

Scottish Social Attitudes briefing papers are written by ScotCen staff and provide analysis of attitudes towards Scotland's constitutional future based primarily on SSA data. We also provide details of government reports and academic articles based wholly or partly on SSA.